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  Notepad SX Pro

  Pro NotePad with advanced functions

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News / history

2019-03-14 NotePad SX Pro 1.5.0 released.

- Tab dragging
- Several fixes and updates

2019-02-20 New 1.6.8 version of MIDI Tracker released

- 4 New buttons 'Notes lentghs' on 'Edit selection/track/channel' toolbar to quick access to that functions
- Some minor changes

Download .exe or .zip to install

2019-02-17 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.6 released

- Text to HTML conversion improved
- Some minor changes

2019-02-12 NotePad SX Pro updated to version 1.4.5

- 'Save new version' function added (to save current document with next available filename)

2019-02-03 NotePad SX Pro and NotePad SX are updated to version 1.4.4

2017-12-21 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.3 released.

Several fixes with auto-open function and opening using command line (Open with...)

2017-12-15 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.2 uploaded.

Now active page automatically switched to opening file when opening using command line

2016-11-14 Softpedia review on NotePad SX Pro 1.3.2:

"This application is a lightweight, customizable plain text editor that features a tabbed interface...

NotePad SX Pro is a fast plain text editor with, tabbed interface and interesting features such as generating random characters, reversing strings, offsetting ASCII characters, text-to-speech and removing HTML/XML tags or blanks lines.

The interface can be customized by selecting or creating different styles, toggling all of the interface elements (menu, tool, status and scroll bars), or going fullscreen in order to remove any distractions. "

Thank you, Softpedia

2016-11-14 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.1 uploaded.

Show/hide toolbar captions option to save space, for example, for Tablet PC usage

Screenshot (classic Windows theme):

Also: URLs fixed, older sxsoftware.com site moved to new URL: SXSoftware.Rf1.Net

Notepad SX Pro Links page updated.

2016-11-13 MIDI Tracker 1.4.7 released.

Play chords with 'high keyboard' or/and 'low keyboard' with MIDI Tracker 1.4.7. 2 buttons to press if you wish to play chords using single PC keyboard key.

Chords played taken from pressed Note Key and current Song Key, for example for Gmaj:
B D F#
D F# A
F# A C

For major key it is not just natural key, but also harmonic major or melodic major.
F is absent in natural Gmaj key, but if we press key for F note we got F A C chord, so it tries to find more appropriate notes of a chord using current Key tone.

2016-11-13 Screenshot from Song70.mid - MIDI Tracker demo song :

If you experiencing any problems with this file playback it maybe because of using too much 'Sustain Pedal' in this MIDI file.

So, after making some changes and uploading MIDI exported song we got Song70a.mid - the same without sustain pedal usage.

So we got an example of sustain pedal usage in MIDI files.
It was ok while we playing into editor, but for MIDI export it is safer to disable any sustain pedal usage, not just 'd/a releases' option.

FLStudio users: For FLStudio MIDI export also needed to disable 'sustain pedal' otherwise got 'Note Off' event lost. With 'sustain pedal' usage, all 'Note off' events are written to the exported MIDI file, but FLStudio seems to ignore it when loading.

2016-11-13 Also today Player, MIDI Tracker and NotePad passes our Windows 8 tablet PC test, so you can run it using Windows 8 tablet PC.

For MIDI Tracker: you can use 'Piano' window to play and edit instead of Windows 8 on-screen keyboard to save the screen space for the editor.

2016-02-02 Functionality information / description updated for NotePad SX Pro. NotePad SX Pro is HTML, PHP, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, JAVA, CSS, XML, Perl, INI, SQL code editor with syntax highlighting. It has also all functions of Free NotePad SX

2015-03-23 NotePad SX Pro 1.4.0 uploaded! More advanced syntax highlighing for php, cpp, pas, java and much more. Free trial switched from 30 to 60 days!

2015-01-29 Projects Notepad SX, Unit Converter, Graph Master, StackUp switched to freeware license. Notepad SX Pro, Unit Converter Pro, StackUp Pro added as new projects. Free updates for all registered users now switched to 'Pro' versions.

2010-12-17 NotePad SX Pro 1.3.0 uploaded!

2005-10-29 NotePad SX updated to v1.2.

2005-03-28 NotePad SX is plain text editor with many additional features, best of all, it is completely FREE.

Quick Download:

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